14 Oct

So, in the last post I mentioned that the Deauville cocktail was one of the apple brandy cocktails I had all the ingredients to make. So I made it.

The Sidecar is the first classic cocktail I really tried and liked, shortly after turning 21. It’s an easy cocktail to like. Brandy, Cointreau, lemon. It’s simple, approachable, many places serve it with sugar on the rim, but it’s brown liquor so you get to hang on to some shreds of manliness – it’s an excellent gateway cocktail. The Deauville is kind of like that. Brandy (grape and apple), Cointreau, lemon. It’s drier and fruitier (and thanks to Laird’s 100-proof Jersey sternness, more aggressive) than the Sidecar, and I haven’t bothered rimming a glass in months, but it’s still got that easy approachableness to it. It’s light bodied and light tasting, and while I don’t know that any orthodox guidelines would recommend it, is a lovely nightcap after a large, late, Mexican dinner.

Recipe (Savoy Cocktail Book via Ellestad):

0.5 oz Brandy

0.5 oz Apple Brandy

0.5 oz Cointreau

0.5 oz Lemon juice

Shake well with plenty of ice, strain into cocktail glasses. Then smile.

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